April is history! Hello May (hoping for both bountiful rain, but on the right days!) 

Go For Broke - Topeka was another great success for Lynde and for KS09.  We raised $463 with the silent auction and another $180 for working barrels.  Thanks to all who came out, helped out and ensured our continued partnership with Go For Broke Productions.

Bobo's Revenge continues to draw great crowds.  This series probably funds a third of our year end awards.  We wrap up the series in May with the 16th and 23rd events.  We have two outdoor shows sanctioned for May, both at North Topeka Saddle Club.

With just a handful of events in the books, our awards funds currently stands at 3,339.25 and our operations fund at $65.  Each district does things a little different.  The district handbook requires that each event contributes $1 per run to a district award fund.  We actually contribute all of the entry money held back.  In this manner, we really don't need to do any fundraisers or nomination fees like other districts to add to the awards fund to have decent awards.  We may not always have saddles for champions, but we have been able to offer the choice the last two years.  Arena fees and exhibitions are put in the operations fund to cover arena rental, state sanction fees, event insurance, equipment repairs, batteries, ink, web hosting, etc.  Any excess, along with sponsorship money is put back as added money at our events to boost attendance, hopefully adding to the awards fund.  Checkbook is at every event if you ever want to audit.

Our membership is steady at slightly over 100.  Thank you all who have made KS09 a part of your life!

See you soon!

Rick & Erin

Your faithful servants